2010 Down Under Tournament Report

4 08 2010

Here is a report from Brian Isaac, the Team Manager:

The team consisted of the following:

Joshua Andrew

Coen Beynon

Damen Beynon

Patrick Dowd

Caylen Greenwood

Brad Grevatt

Hannes Marais

Joshua Silbery-Martin

Jacob Smith

Aidan Spence

Mike Tashlykov

Management team consisted of:

Brian Isaac (Manager Referee/Judge)

Rosemary Isaac (Asst Manager)

Justin Winter (Coach)

Mike Coyne (Co-Coach)

Simon Dowd (Asst Manager)

Chris Noel (Asst Manager)

Ourana Ouganza ( Team Photographer)

Julie Noel (NZSS Secretary)

Three members of the team flew from Dunedin and one from Christchurch on the Tuesday 29th June, the rest of the team flew out on Wednesday 30 June to Brisbane.   They were picked up from Brisbane Airport by bus and taken to the Mantra Legends Hotel on the Gold Coast. Julie Noel and Coen Beynon joined the team on Sunday.

Everyone got settled into their allocated rooms.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings consisted of training from 7:30am – 9am, with also beach training in the afternoon on Friday and Monday.

The team from the USA also arrived at the hotel on Wednesday and they had 11 wrestlers competing.

The Australian team had 19 wrestlers competing.

On Sunday 4 July the weigh-in was held at the hotel.  Following the weigh-in the NZ team went to the Q1 building for team photos.

Beach wrestling was then held at Surfers Paradise at midday on Sunday.  Some of the results don’t really tell the full story of the wrestling with some of our kids wrestling well above their weight.  Even though we only had one gold I personally thought all the boys fought at their best considering the weight and the experience of some of the other competitors.

Results as follows: Damen Beynon – Gold

The Sunday afternoon was then spent at the Currumbin Wildlife Park.

Monday the team was picked up from the Mantra Legends and dropped off at All Saints Anglican school in Merrimac for the individual tournament commencing at 10:00am.

Prior to the tournament Coach Scot Davis Owatonna, Minnesota USA High School Wrestling Coach of the Year and current record holder for the most wins in USA Wrestling history held a wrestling clinic for the competitors and coaches.

Results as follows: Joshua Andrew 119lbs Silver, Hannes Marais 130lbs Bronze, Brad Grevatt 135lbs Gold, Coen Beynon 135lbs Bronze, Patrick Dowd 140lbs Bronze, Mike Tashlykov 145lbs Gold, Damen Beynon 152lbs Silver, Caylen Greenwood 160lbs Silver, Jacob Smith 171lbs Bronze, Joshua Silbery-Martin 189lbs Bronze,  Aidan Spence 215lbs Bronze.

On Tuesday the team was collected from the hotel by bus and spent the day at Dream World Adventure park.  This was followed by dinner at the Billabong Restaurant which is situated in the park.

Wednesday once again picked up by bus from the hotel and dropped off at All Saints Anglican School for the team dual tournament.

Results as follow: New Zealand Verses Australia. Australia 23 – 22

USA Verses New Zealand USA  35 – 11

International Verses New Zealand New Zealand  26 – 21

Wednesday night the awards banquet was held at the Legends Hotel and the teams were all presented with their medals.

On Thursday 8 July the team checked out and headed for home.

Coaches Report:

Over all I was highly impressed with the maturity of the young wrestlers.  Some of these boys conceded injuries and yet they still wanted to truck on. The sheer commitment they gave to myself and Mike on and off the mat was nothing short of outstanding, they wrestled with their hearts on their sleeves and with pure pride. When the boys delivered the Haka it sent shivers down my spine. This trip was an absolute pleasure and if selected again next year and take away some of the same boys but with a larger team I sure the results will be even better.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach such a great bunch of boys and look forward to keeping in touch with them and seeing the results of the tournaments they compete in.

Justin Winter NZ Secondary School Head Coach

Video: Auckland Champs

14 06 2010

Here is a match from the Club Physical 2010 Auckland champs, held at Dilworth, june 13:

Video 2 : Auckland Champs

14 06 2010

Here is a match from the 2010 Club Physical Auckland Champs at Dilworth on June 13:

Video 3 : Auckland Champs

14 06 2010

Here is a match from the Club Physical Auckland championships held at Dilworth on June 13:

Video 4 : Auckland Champs

14 06 2010

Here is a match from the Club Physical Auckland champs held at Dilworth on June 13:

NZ Secondary Schools 2010 National Tournament Results

10 05 2010

Here are the results from the NZ Secondary Schools 2010 freestyle national wrestling tournament held at Tawa College, Wellington on March 27.


39 kilo Kellyn Chapman  (St Peters)1, Douglas Lloyd (Dilworth) 2, Caleb Johnson (Te Puke) 3, Wade Lovett (Kuranui) 4

42 kilo Tristan Williams (Kuranui) 1

46 kilo Dylan Duffy (Kuranui)  1, Aaron Koning (Westlake) 2, Tristan Willians (Kuranui) 3

50 kilo Henry Whitaker (Dilworth) 1

54 kilo Michael Grilleyt (Paraparaumu) 1, Connor McColl (Hillcrest) 2, Henry Whitaker (Dilworth) 3

58 kilo Hayden Smith (Huranui) 1, Regan Sciasala (Paraparaumu) 2, Thomas Uatuku (Kuranui) 3, Moe Rahannejad (Westlake) 4

63 kilo Jarrod Marsh (OTago Boys) 1, William Ren (Dilworth) 2, Coen Beynon (Dargaville) 3, Thomas Barnsley (Dargaville) 4, Matthew Dowd (Sacred Heart) 5, Luke Taplin (Hillcrest) 6, Ezra Pooley (Dilworth) 7, Tyler Spratt (Dilworth)8, Robbie Anderson (Dilworth) 9

69 kilo Joshua Downes (MAGS) 1, Brandon George (Dilworth) 2, David Brown (Dilworth) 3, Andrew Page (Dilworth) 4

76 kilo Justin Briggs (Kelston) 1, Edward Berry (paraparaumu) 2, Israel Shepherd (Kelston) 3, Jesse Wilkins (Taieri)  4, Liam Mudgeway (Kelston) 5

85 kilo William Kahui (Dilworth) 1, Manu Dawber (Dilworth) 2, Jacob Curtis (Mt Maunganui) 3

100 kilo Samson Fualalo (Kelston) 1

100+ kilo Corban Shepherd (Kelston) 1, Samson Fualalo (Kelston) 2, Kitiona Ashby-Leota (Kelston 3)


46 kilo Luke Anderson (Dilworth) 1

50 kilo Jacob Marsh (Otago Boys) 1,  Luke Anderson (Dilworth) 2

54 kilo Joshua Andrew (Pukekohe) 1, Aaron Edie (Logan Park) 2

58 kilo Billy Kim (Hamilton Boys) 1

63 kilo Toni Redingghuys (Pakuranga) 1, Brad Grevatt (St Johns) 2, Jordan Mellars (Tawa) 3, Patrick Dowd (Sacred Heart) 4, Hannes Marais (Hillcrest) 5, Billy Kim (Hamilton Boys) 6

69 kilo Dillion Third (Dilworth) 1, Glen Lambery (Katikati)2, Brandon Third (Dilworth) 3, Ambrose Ratcliffe (Kapiti) 4, Jordan Lundon (Kelston) 5, Adam Sowerbyu-Parlane (Dilworth) 6

76 kilo Jacob Smith (Hunua) 1, Shane Andrew (Pukekohe) 2, Nori O’Lee (Kelston) 3, Daniel Barrott (Aotea) 3, Daniel Holmes (Dilworth) 5, Sean Pyke (Howick) 6)

85 kilo Kaveinga Finau (Dilworth) 1, Joshua Silbery-Martin (Kelston) 2

97 kilo Aidan Spence (OTago Boys) 1, Shin Kumazaki (Kelston) 2, Tyler Campbell (Hamilton Boys ) 3, Joseph Asby-Leota (Kelston) 4

120 kilo Lorenzo Berking (Kelston) 1


52 kilo Lucy Rutten (Paraparaumu) 1

56 kilo Koria Pouri-Lane (Hamilton Girls) 1, Lucy Rutten (Paraparaumu) 2

60 kilo Yvonne Werder (Hawera) 1, Macayla Moore (Taieri) 2


Beryl Bell Cup (Best female wrestler) Yvonne Werder

Currie Cup (Fairplay Female) Koria Pouri-Lane

Beryl Bell trophy (Top Female School) Hawera High School

J & S Beattie Cup (Best Unplaced Wrestlier) Daniel Barrott

Currie Cup (Fairplay Male) Nori O’Lee

Haywood Trophy (Most Scientific Wrestler) Jacob Smith

Downunder Trophy (Most Scientific Wrestler) Jarrod Marsh

Lloyd Woods Challenge Trophy (Top Male School) Dilworth College

Points for Lloyd Woods Challenge Trophy:

1. Dilworth School 18 wrestlers (54)

2. Kelston Boys High School 12 wrestlers (28)

3. Otago Boys high School 3 wrestlers (15)

4. Dargaville High School 3 wrestlers (13)

Auckland 2010 Secondary School Wrestling Champs Results

10 05 2010

The 2010 Auckland Secondary Schools Wrestling Champs were held at Dilworth School on March 23.

Here are the results:

Team Championship -Boys

1st Dilworth

2nd Kelston BHS

3rd Westlake BHS

Most Scientific Male Wrestler: Shane Andrew  (Pukekohe HS)


39 kilo D LLoyd (Dilw) 1, T Leathard (Smar) 2

42 kilo D Yoon (West) 1, T Grey (Lynf) 2

46 kilo A Konings (West) 1, J Goulding (Dilw) 2

50 kilo H Whitaker (Dilw) 1, K Howe (West) 2, J Bowman (Dilw) 3

58 kilo L Weir (Mass), J Giess (Dilw) 2, W Rahmannejad (West)

63 kilo W Rew (Mass) 1, C Beynon (Darg) 2, M Dowd (SHC )3

69 kilo J Downes (MAGS) 1, B George (Dilw) 2, A Page (Dilw) 3

76 kilo J Briggs (KBHS) 1, F Vake (KNHS) 2, I Shepherd (KBHS) 3

85 kilo W Kahui(Dilw) 1, L Crump (Ruth) 2, M Dawber (Dilw) 3

100 kilo S Fualalo (Kelb)

100+ K Ashby-Leota (Kelb) 1, C Kuypers (GBHS)2, C Shepherd (KBHS)3


46 kilo L Anderson (Dilw)1

58 kilo J Andrew (Puke) 1, A Bradley (Lynf)2, P Chung (west)

63 kilo T Redelinghuys (Paku) 1, H Marais (Hill) 2, P Dowd (SHC)

69 kilo S Young (Dilw) 1, C Thorn (Kelb) 2, W Rikihana (Dilw) 3

76 kilo S Andrew (Puke) 1, D Third (Dilw) 2, D Holmes (Dilw) 3

85 kilo A Henry (Paku) 1, K Finau (Dilw) 2, J Silbury- Martin (Kelb) 3

97 kilo S Kumuzaki (Kelb) 1, H Ashwell (Kelb) 2, R Enstrom (West) 3


56 kilo K Pouri-Lane (HGHS) 1


68 kilo S Wiki (Paku) 1